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Management Consulting

I n the management consulting, the focus of our team are on four key aspects of the organization: Strategy, Execution, Culture, and Leadership. These are the four pillars of the business and our global team has developed the competency around those. We developed competency in effectively partnering with our client and adding value to their business. We strongly believe that return on investment and value addition are two measurement to asses our contribution to the clients.

ERM Implementation

We facilitate you to build your internal operation guidelines, framework, and governance model and these solution will help you to comply with internal risk model & external risk regulation. We help you either in comprehensive ERM implementation or modular ERM implementation and we follow the global best practices to define and design ERM framework, Identify risk, define risk, and quantify risk.

Enterprise risk consulting

I n the risk consulting, once you are aware of your risk assessment, the next step would be for you to carry out the analysis of industry best practices against your each risk parameter. This will help you to understand the industry benchmark and your position in the risk practices. There are many risk parameters in the entire Organization and our consulting team will make you aware on the area you may need to focus in the future. We facilitate you to build your internal risk model and to comply with external risk regulation such as BASEL III+ etc. In the risk regulation, we focus on Pillar I and Pillar II of BASEL III/III + and also the latest regulation from FSA, SEC etc on risk such as liquidity risk, Stress VaR etc.

BASEL III + Implementation

You have to take incremental approach starting with 2011 till 2118/2022 to achieve the latest guidelines and compliance requirement of BASEL III+. This will help you achieve the best practices by elaborating on ‘what needs to be done’ with focus are on ‘what’ for each risk parameter and risk compliance implementation.

Clients say

"We were transforming to be a USD 100 million company in the Oil and Energy sector. As we are based in the Middle east, the competition is fierce but it does provide great opportunity. We knew that we need help at the organizational level to reach our objectives. Our big thanks to RIKMA for making it possible. They supported us in defining and executing Strategy, implementing the required Culture, identifying our core competency and critical skills, putting up the Leadership team and structure, and designing the Human resource performance management system. Going forward, they are our business partner and supporting us in our journey - CEO of the company"
"We believed that the results and ROI speaks for the work delivered by the RIKMA. We were a start-up company and not sure on how to create our brand, increase revenue and profitability, increase market share, target new market, product pricing, and launch new product. RIKMA provided great support as our business partner through the journey for one year. They not only helped us to move to next phase but also continue to support us through the year to ensure that we achieve our objectives. Founder and MD of the Textile and Merchandising company "

The key to our success are



Critical skills and Capabilities



Why choose us

To have long term business partner at your side to deal with various business challenges
We are here to provide you the support to achieve your objective and we are sure the return on investment in the medium to long term will speak for itself. We will support you to grow your business and profitability with better execution and improved leadership of an organization. We will provide you our services to help you achieve your business objectives, revenue and profitability, global best practices, and go-to-market plan.
Skilled resources to work with you temporarily/as desired leading to reduced hiring costs and headcount
We understand your dilemma of hiring temporarily a varied skilled manpower for your short term business need and uncertainty in the future requirements. You do not know that what to do with the extra manpower when the short term/intermittent requirement is over. You also have to pay for the training time/on-the-job training time with the least return on investment. We are here to provide the solution to your challenges and will ensure that return on your investment has better cost-benefit metrics.
Our in-house research and comprehensive market data delivered free to you regularly to keep you ahead
We understand that right data can help you grow your business and profit tremendously, and create the brand. Reaching the right customers at the right location and in time are the key. Similarly, the understanding of the market and industry will help you to design the right product/service and launch the same. We provide two sets of data - Market and Industry data and End user/customers data.
Our lower fees reduces your cost substantially
Big 10 consulting firms charges whopping amount to you and also do not provide any support once work is over. They will simply finish work and move out. We do not work in this engagement model. Our engagement model is based on three pillars - to be business partner of our client, continue engagement after the assignment is over, and charge lower fees for the entire work. You pay only for the work and you do not pay anything for our in-house research, continued mentoring and evaluation support, and brand.
Improve the Revenue and bottom line of an Organization
Your key responsibilities are to keep the employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders interest covered and bring them satisfaction and happiness. You achieve your objectives if you focus on the revenue, profit, market growth, share performance, and on other key organizational factors. We will provide you our services to help you achieve your business objectives, revenue, and profitability thereby improved equity performance.
To Define and implement Strategy and Execution
The focus of our team are on four key aspects of an organization - Strategy, Execution, Culture, and Leadership, We believe that those are the four pillars of the business and our team has developed the competency around it. We developed competency in effectively partnering with our client and adding value to their business. We strongly believe that return on investment and value addition are two measurement to asses our contribution to the clients.
Our extensive experience in handling more than 100 global Clients across the industry
We have 117 global Clients from varied industry. We have extensive experience in handling various assignment ranging from start-up to established companies in India, APAC, EMEA, and USA. The topics covered are as varied as Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Execution, Innovation, Operation and Processes, Governance model, Customer relationship management, Supply chain, Revenue and Financial forecasting, Marketing and Sales, Business model ananlysis, Digital media management, Technology support and development etc.
To have the desired Leadership, Strategy, Culture, and Innovation
Leadership drives the team and the Organization towards its goal. The most critical aspect of the Organization is the leadership. The strategy will help you achieve the stated long term company goals and will connect the multiple functions, operations, and stakeholders. Your mission and long term goals, core competency, sustainability, competitors, internal Organization, and innovation are the key criteria in developing the strategy. We will work with you to put together the strategy of your Organization and we will help you in defining the requirements of the leadership, key leadership criteria, and setting up the board.