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Setting up Company and the Leadership

Company set-up and launch
At this stage, company set-up requires you to adhere to regulatory and legal requirements of the country and high level business plan, activities description, and guidelines.The most critical aspect of the Organization you are launching/ launched are the leadership team and implementation team
How we can help you?
We will support you in developing the business plan, activities, and guidelines. This will help you launch the company effectively with seamless transition from individual entity to corporate entity. We will help you in defining the requirements of the teams, key criterias, and setting up the board.

Formal Organization, Operation, Finance & Marketing

Once you are done with Strategy, you need an Organization set-up and Marketing plan to achieve the same. You have to define and design the business model, company finance and financial structuring, marketing model, and the internal aspects/ framework of the Organization. This will be the formal Organization that leadership will drive to achieve the strategy.
How we can help you?
We will work with you to set-up the formal Organization and will focus on Capabilities and Core skills, Business and Revenue model, high level Marketing plan, Organization's Culture, Processes, and Operating and Governance model.
We have the following services for the entrepreneurs and small size global players, These services are designed in a manner to help the start-up ecosystem and other players to move seamlessly to next phase of growth. We provide you the 'Platform' for uploading the business proposal and other details for support, guidance, and funding.


Once you are clear on company mission and goals, you need a road map and plan to achieve the stated mission. The strategy will help you achieve the stated long term company goals and will connect the multiple functions, operations, and stakeholders
How we can help you?
Your mission and long term goals, core competency, sustainability, competitors, internal Organization, and innovation are the key criteria in developing the strategy. We will work with you to put together the strategy of your Organization.

Services to Entrepreneurs

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Services to Entrepreneurs

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